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Fournier suministrará sus naipes 100% Plástico a los torneos del Genting Poker Series. Genting es el principal operador de casinos en el Reino Unido y una de las mayores compañías de juego y entretenimiento a nivel mundial. Además del Reino Unido donde Genting opera entre otros casinos del renombre de Crockfords, Mint, Circus o Maxims, cabe destacar que el grupo cuenta con casinos en Malasia, Singapur, Australia y Filipinas.

En lo referente al torneo, el Genting Poker Series contará con siete eventos a lo largo del 2012, ofreciendo unos pozos garantizados de 800,000 libras (1,250,000$USD)

Kevin Proctor, Poker Operations Manager en Genting, mostró su satisfacción por contar con Fournier como suministrador oficial de naipes del torneo.

La relación de los casinos del grupo Genting con Fournier se remonta en el tiempo ya que nuestros casinos llevan muchos años utilizando estos naipes. Conocemos por tanto bien sus cualidades. El naipe 100% Plástico de Fournier es un naipe que pone de acuerdo tanto a dealers como a jugadores pues todos aprecian su gran resistencia, tacto y deslizamiento. Otra característica que valoramos especialmente en los naipes Fournier es su seguridad ya que consistentemente ofrecen un naipe sin marcas ni defectos. Sabemos que con Fournier contamos con el mejor material y como es lógico un torneo de este calibre no podía conformarse con menos. 

Fournier will supply their 100% Plastic Playing Cards to Genting Poker Series

Fournier will supply their 100% Plastic Playing Cards to the Genting Poker Series. Genting is the largest casino operator in the UK and one of the biggest gaming and leisure companies in the world. Apart from the UK, where Genting operates household casino names such as Crockfords, Mint, Circus or Marsims, just to name a few, the group operates casinos in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and the Philippines.

With seven events throughout 2012, the Genting Poker Series will feature guaranteed prize pools of 800,000 sterling pounds ($1,25 million USD).

Kevin Proctor, Poker Operations Manager at Genting, welcomed Fournier as the official supplier of playing cards to the tournament.

The relationship between Genting Casino Group and Fournier goes back in time as our casinos have been using Fournier playing cards for many years. Therefore we know well the attributes of Fournier cards. Fournier 100% Plastic Playing Cards are credited for making dealers and players agree in their top resistance. nice touch and smooth shuffling and slide. Another feature that we particularly value in Fournier playing cards is their security as they have been consistently supplying cards with no marks or defects. With Fournier we know we have the best material in our tables and as you can imagine a tournament of this calibre could not settle for less.

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The Super Book at the Las Vegas Hilton is far and away the biggest and the best. More seats 1,000More giant/big scerens A distant second would be the sports book at Caesars Palace.We spend 6 weeks or so a year in LV and have for over 20 years, if there is a game on we want to see you will find us at the LV Hilton.~Jack~


Yes, most casinos have an elcretonic board the displays the previous 10-15 spins on each table. Keep in mind, however, that previous spins have absolutely no effect whatsoever on the next spin. The previous 100 spins could have all come up black, the chances are still close to 50/50 (1.1111 to 1, to be exact) that it will be black on the next spin. These previous results have no bearing at all, the wheel has no memory.

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