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La baraja Invizimals  está basada en el famoso juego de Sony Playstation. La baraja de naipes Invizimals no sólo te permitirá jugar con tus amigos a las cartas, si no que por primera vez algunos naipes llevan incorporados iconos de realidad aumentada. Basta con tener tu PSP, el cartucho de Invizimals y las cartas con el código para que aparezca algo sorprendente en tu pantalla... ¿Quieres perdértelo?

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Review by for Rating: You will never get tired of this collection. It is idlinetefy for puzzle/logic lovers. Chance does affect the outcome, but if you're good, you'll find yourself battling to increasing your score. It may not take forever to learn all the rules, strategy or any names ( which I appreciate ), but you could spend forever perfecting your skills and every once in a while going back to it because you just enjoyed one of the games.


I got this game along with a camera for my PSP rcenetly, and this is a great game. And no, this is nothing like Pokemon. It's actually better. Anyway, it's a great game, but here's a few BAD things about the game: Ok, so there's this thing called a trap , used to capture the Invizimals, but sometimes the trap doesn't work so you can't play the game. It's sometimes hard to find Invizimals considering the fact Invizimals are usually found on bright colored surfaces. Other than that, the game is great. 5 stars.


Awesome video man,but my PSP's camera broke and doesn't want to work I took good care of it, but maybe I was eelarcss with it .But still it's a very good game I recommend it!


my invizimals umd has no priitnng on the plastic part of the umd (no PSP or Controller picture) did this happen to you? RESPOND ASAP

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