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Desde que Minnie Mouse nos comentó que, al igual que Mickey, ella también quería su propia baraja hemos trabajado mucho. A nuestra presumida ratoncita había que hacerle algo a su altura y después de todo aquí está. Parece que ha contado con la ayuda de una de sus amigas para posar en la baraja...

Ayuda a recordar la secuencia de colores, el número, etc de la baraja a Minnie y ¡gana el juego!

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Uli,So sad that these thing(s) happened aelecislpy during the Disney heydays. But hopefully things will change now for the better in that studio and credit will be given to whom credit is due. But we will always know "who does it" and does it WELL. Take care.


I found out a year ago that my husband of 7 years has had 3 one night stnads since we have been together, and affair with my matron of honor (also my best friend at the time) 3 months after my wedding as well as an affair with my step sister (also my best friend) via text messaging during my 2nd pregnancy and then physically when I went back to work after my 6 weeks were up. I am on anti-depressants and have been through numerous therapists. We have a 4 year old and now a 1 1/2 year old who absolutely adores Mickey and Minnie. We took them on a family vacation to Disney World in December for Christmas and I stated to my husband whom I am trying to figure out a way to forgive for my kids as well as myself that if we do make it through I want to feel that everlasting love that Mickey and Minnie feel. Since then he has done everything to make that happen with exception of not making it to the Disney in time to purchase the mugs before they sold out. He works shift work which was why he was able to do what he did but now his life's goal is to prove to me that I and only I am who he wants to spend the erst of his life with and grow old with and watch our 2 babies grow up and a family of their own. I am not trying to win this by pitty, I just want you to understand why this package would mean so much to me and my family.


How stinkin' cute. If I won I of csuore would give the girls the plush, but the mug would be for me. Everyone needs a little Mickey in their lives.


My son adores Mickey, so I would give him the plush. The mugs would be used daily by me and hubby. My old Minnie mug is nlokiog pretty rough.

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