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The Fournier Kids collection of educational decks is designed as a natural approach to the education of our children through card games. A reinvention of games to provide more than just fun for our children. This collection of educational cards is distinguished by their originality, along with a modern, light-hearted touch to the games presented here, plus an infinite variety of use. The Fournier Kids collection of educational cards provides a pedagogical perspective to the usual social amusement associated with card games. In preparing this collection we have focused on 3 core values


Mix Modernity and History

Card games have a long and wonderful history. We believe that, nowadays, the values of playing games are more widespread than ever in the education of our children. Based on this, we have designed this collection by providing a certain modernity to classic children’s games.

Fournier Kids Dolphin
Fournier Kids Shark


Play anywhere and at any time

Where there are two people, be they parents and children or just children, it is possible to play. Our playing cards are of a suitable size to take the game anywhere and at any time, for playing with family or friends.


Learn by playing

Many studies use the card games for learning various subjects, given that it is a fun way to employ many different skills.

Fournier Kids Monkey

Sharks are wild ™

Fournier Sharks are Wild

“My game makes teaching number sequences to kids ages 4 to 6 so much fun, they don’t even know they’re learning!”

Kids dive into Sharks Are Wild because it’s easy to learn and starts a jolly-good time! You win my game by being the first player to collect five Gold Coins. To win each gold coin, you create a sequence of five numbered cards like you see below. And you can use my shark card to replace any number in the sequence. That’s why they call me wild, mate! But that’s only the beginning. Once kids master Level One, there’s more fun and learning in Level Two.

Fournier Sharks are Wild awards


Fournier Catch N' Fish
Fournier Catch N' Fish

“I’m a star of the fabulous new game that makes learning addition and substraction a day at the beach for kids ages 4 to 6”

Yes, darling. I’m a star. (Sorry, my contract says no autographs.) But after playing Catch N’ Fish, it’s kids ages 4 to 6 who become the stars… star pupils, that is. You see, the folks at HOYLE® have created a positively fabulous new game for 2 to 4 players that so easy to learn and fun to play, it makes learning to add and subtract simply irresistible.

CATCH awards

Monkey May I? ™

Fournier Monkey May I?

Don’t get caught monkeying around!

Monkey May I? is an emotional intelligence game that your kids will go bananas over! With easy set up and easy play that includes elements of the kid-favorite “Simon Says”. Help reinforce your children’s social skills like making good choices, self awareness and self control with this entertaining and fast action game. Monkey May I? is easy to learn and a fun game for two to four player, four to six years of age.

You just will flip over an Action card, Make a good choice and collect Monkey Money. The little monkey with the most monkey money at the end wins the game!


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