We don’t print cards, we print money

That is the philosophy that has permeated each of our casino cards for almost 150 years. More than philosophy, a way of life. We know how important playing cards are for a casino. The printing, the cut, the slide… everything has to be perfect to guarantee a great gaming experience for the player and also guarantee a 100% secure game. Because we know that casinos never compromise. During nights of frenzied activity, there is no room for even the slightest mistake. The casino has to have maximum confidence in the cards that are on the tables. And this is where Fournier gives them the peace of mind that only a trusted partner can offer.

Peace of mind

Imagine for a moment the work of a casino’s table game supervisor. How many variables do they have to consider? Games that the casino is going to offer, average bet per player, number of hours that each table stays open, shoes played per hour, DROP, WIN …. Among so many variables it is good to have a constant, an anchor that provides the necessary peace of mind to the whole operation. And that is where FOURNIER appears. Because every hand counts, every playing card on the table counts.

Higher yields at the tables

How can a playing card offer a casino higher yields and therefore higher profits?

  • With increased durability. Increased durability means lower costs per hand played which, at the end of the year, represents a significant for the casino.
  • With better performance in shuffling machines. A casino cannot afford a playing card to become stuck inside a shuffling machine. Solving such a problem means downtime, hands lost and dissatisfied customers.
  • With a secure card that prevents costly fraud. Our playing cards undergo 12 quality checks in order to offer the casino maximum peace of mind. We make sure that all the playing cards are in the deck, that they all are perfectly cut and that the printing is impeccable.


Hidden behind a product with as much tradition as a playing card, is a history of innovation.

Innovation such as that developed by Fournier in 1994, creating the first 100% PVC Plastic playing cards on the market. Our goal: to create a long-lasting, strong playing card that could be used in the early shuffling machines that were far from kind with cards.

Today the Fournier 100% PVC plastic playing card is still the benchmark, as well as being the most desired card for different variations of poker thanks to its combination of flexibility, resilience and the gaming experience it offers the player.

Innovation such as Pre-Shuffled playing cards, that come pre-shuffled straight from the factory.

With the GLI guarantee, these cards can reduce card changeover time from 20 minutes to less than 1 minute, increasing game time and table profitability.

Or such as our Bee-tek Electronic Shoe, a smart dealing shoe for Baccarat and other games that can read the cards as they are being dealt and determine the winner of the hand, preventing mistakes and cheating. With its patented card reading technology and also its registered PR-X Brake that avoids the dreaded overdraw, accuracy, security and profitability will be a constant with every hand.

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