The widest selection of children’s decks

Children’s decks

Studies have shown that games are one of the most effective learning tools. And among all these games, playing cards are one of the more comprehensive tools. Playing with cards is like going to a maths class, using logic or working together in a team. It is important for children to play with others and especially play as a family in order to stimulate their imagination and learn how to socialize. A family that plays together wins.

A game is not only played for fun, the game itself improves strategic skills, boosts attention and memory and strengthens family and social relationships. Of course it is better that children do not know this, believing that they are playing for fun. When playing cards with your children you are not only playing, you are being a parent.

Popular licenses

Everyone knows that children need to identify with characters from television, video games and cinema. So there is no better way to play with them than by using characters that the child recognizes and admires. At Fournier we have the very best selection of licensed characters depicted in our games. A selection of characters adapted to the child’s particular age group so that they grow and learn by playing.

Children’s decks

Educational cards

The Fournier collection of educational decks is designed as a natural approach to the education of our children through card games. A reinvention of our classic games to provide more than just fun for our children. This collection of educational cards are distinguished by their originality, collaboration with acclaimed illustrators from the publishing world and children’s education, along with a modern, light-hearted touch to the games presented here, plus an infinite variety of use. The Fournier collection of educational cards provides a pedagogical perspective to the usual social amusement associated with card games. In preparing this collection we have focused on 5 core values.


Mix Modernity and History

Card games have a long and wonderful history. We believe that, nowadays, the values of playing games are more widespread than ever in the education of our children. Based on this, we have designed this collection by providing a certain modernity to classic children’s games.


Play anywhere and at anytime.

Where there are two people, be they parents and children or just children, it is possible to play. Our playing cards are of a suitable size to take the game anywhere and at any time, for playing with family or friends.


Learn by playing

Many studies use the card games for learning various subjects, given that it is a fun way to employ many different skills.


Pride and professionalism

From the design of the concept up to its manufacture, Fournier works with Spanish companies and contributors trying to improve the economy of our country.


Reinventing the rules

Card games have set rules in our country. Even though we help by providing the basic instructions for the game, we are sure that any child can invent a variation to make the game even more fun. Dreaming up your own rules leaves room for increasing creativity and creating an individual universe of play.

The perfect gift

If we consider the value of a card game, we can see that we get countless hours of play for very little cost. A perfect gift for any child that is eager to play fun games with their parents, while the parents know that these card games have an enormous educational potential.

Children’s decks


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