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A symbol of quality for more than 100 years

Since 1870, Fournier has symbolised the passion for playing cards, with everything that it implies. A constant commitment to achievement, attention to in every detail. And above all, capacity for innovation in order to put the latest technology at the service of a single goal: to create the best playing cards in the world.

Admired on the 5 continents.

Fournier playing cards are considered unique by the top casinos and the most demanding players. Recognition of the quality that has made us the world reference at the best gaming tables.

The ACE of quality

Each playing card is a quest for excellence

The best materials for a perfect finish.
In card stock or plastic, only the very best raw materials from approved suppliers are selected in line with strict quality standards.

The pre-printing process uses the latest technology (CtP, offset Heidelberg) and follows the most exacting requirements to avoid any defects or marks.
Varnishing is done using an exclusive formula handed down for generations to provide an unmistakably unique feel. The card-to-card die cutting system ensures that all cards are exactly the same size and that the edges are perfectly rounded.

Each card guarantees higher yields for your casino

Maximum resistance and durability

Designed to maintain their original shape and to be handled for prolonged periods without suffering tears or signs of wear. Fewer card decks are needed at your tables.

Maximum quality

Impeccable printing free from flaws or marks, with an exclusive formula varnish to guarantee a perfect feel and slide.

Maximum precision

All of the cards are exactly the same size with perfectly rounded corners, thanks to an exclusive card-to-card cutting system.

Maximum security

Practically 0% defects, with 12 quality checks during the manufacturing process and high security transportation.

Maximum efficiency

They are the perfect complement for your shuffling machines, all shuffling machines on the market are tested in our laboratory to ensure optimal operation: no downtime and lower maintenance costs.

The ACE of security

Complete surveillance from start to finish

Fournier subjects the cards to strict surveillance and control measures throughout the manufacturing process and shipment to your casino.

Restricted access factory. Guarded 24/7 by a security team and audiovisual equipment, with admission by invitation only.

Only approved suppliers. We only work with an exclusive list of suppliers subject to regular checks.

Control over casino materials Access to the designs on the backs designs is restricted. In exceptional cases when the order has to be stored, this is done in an automated high security bunker.

Zero defects. Up to 12 quality checks for each card

Each card has to pass up to 12 quality controls throughout the manufacturing process (pre-printing, printing, varnishing, cutting …) including a final print control using computer vision (Intelligent Eye). A numerical code printed on each deck allows each manufactured deck to be traced precisely, tracking each product throughout the different processes as well as the materials used to create it.

Personalised security

Additional security measures can be incorporated, UVI printing on the faces, tagging of the holographic seals on each package.

Personalised security

Production of high security perfectly sealed, strapped packaging. A special palletising format that ensures the utmost protection for the contents.

“Door to door” insurance

The only transport insurance of its kind on the market. It covers the replacement of all playing cards of the same colour/design in the event that a even single card goes missing.

The ACE of service

A commitment to service to match your trust. Your design in 48 hours Your order in record time

Our work process guarantees that the manufacture of your personalised playing card order will be done within 4 weeks. With a minimum order of 1,000 decks per colour. Anywhere on the 5 continents. More than 100 years exporting all over the world has given us an additional advantage when serving you: an in-depth knowledge of international trade that optimizes procedures and delivery times. An exceptional geographical location: with quick access to the main European ports and Vitoria international airport, one of the main air distribution points in Spain and Europe.

Adapted to any need

Only a world leader can respond to your every need. With all the materials, sizes and packaging, as well as expert advice on choosing the best playing card for your casino.

Type of material

  • Smooth card stock
  • Embossed card stock
  • 100% PLASTIC: The strongest, most durable card on the market. Ideal for shuffling machines and with the guarantee of being the playing card most used in the most prestigious poker championships.

Adapted to any need

Only a world leader can respond to your every need. With all the materials, sizes and packaging, as well as expert advice on choosing the best playing card for your casino


  • 62,5×88 mm – Poker Black Jack…
  • 57×88 mm Kalooky, Punto Banca, Bridge…
  • 66×97 mm Bacarrat, Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco…

Type of packaging and wrapping

  • Cellophane
  • Tuck box
  • Pack of twelve
  • Pack of ten
  • Pack of 144 playing cards


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