The development of playing card use

Nowadays, playing cards are highly versatile, with a wide variety of uses depending on the moment and the company. They are the perfect after-dinner complement with friends and the ideal pastime when alone or during endless waits when travelling. They can be covered with sand at the beach or water at the poolside. And connect parents and children though games played as a family. Playing cards have their professional use in casinos but also as teaching aids in educational centres and material for mental health in care homes and social centres. A use that is always associated with pleasant moments among friends and family, learning and health.

Fournier playing cards mark detail

Brand values

The international strength of the Fournier brand comes from the continuous connection with art, culture and leisure at a global level. Fournier is a premium brand, nonetheless, the brand is a household name enjoying high brand awareness.

The brand values are based on these five mainstays:

Couple playing cards


The suits in our Spanish deck are a cultural icon, a brand that tells a story. A Fournier card deck connects its owner with a host of artistic and cultural heritage. To give someone a Fournier deck is to give them a piece of history.

Friends playing cards


Fournier card decks are an open source for fun, faithful companions of meaningful experiences in life and memorable moments.

Family playing cards

Friendship and family

The suits in our Spanish deck are a cultural icon, a brand that tells a story. A Fournier card deck connects its owner with a host of artistic and cultural heritage. To give someone a Fournier deck is to give them a piece of history.



As a counterbalance to a hectic work life, Fournier represents moments of leisure, rest and fun.

Kids playing board games


A Fournier deck becomes an integral part of our learning experience. From childhood to old age, card games have educational applications that can be transferred to professional and personal life. A basic but very entertaining tool. Throughout our history, Fournier has always defended the values of excellence and design, along with fun and friendship. The Fournier deck has been and continues to be an icon of design and the ultimate symbol of mutual trust, friendship and respect for key customers. Bearing witness to memorable moments, the Fournier deck helps to build a long-lasting relationship. In following with the exacting quality standards of our decks, Fournier promotional playing cards are the definitive statement of excellence. Be it a small gesture or a token of appreciation to a current or potential customer, a brand communication campaign or to commemorate an important event, the cards are highly appreciated by users due to their usefulness and durability.

Global market

Global Market

Fournier can be found in every imaginable market. With more than 20,000 outlets, Fournier commands complete coverage of the world playing card market. Our products are found in department stores, convenience stores, service stations, newsagents, airports, supermarkets, bookshops, stationers, kiosks, casinos, duty free shops … We reach every segment of the population and most of the outlets on the market ensuring extensive distribution coverage.

The best promotional and communications tool

Card production

Greater impact, association with an iconic brand

As a brand steeped in heritage, at Fournier we imbue all of our card decks with rich connotations, memories and experiences. An alliance with Fournier represents a gift that is far more than just a beautiful present, it is the beginning of a friendship.

The strength of a global company

A partnership with Fournier is a connection to the legacy of a renowned worldwide brand. With extensive coverage and outlets in more than 60 countries, Fournier has a consolidated brand presence.

Card print

Quality control, design of the highest quality, assistance throughout the process

Our Personalized Edition teams work all over the world providing knowledge and assistance throughout the whole process. Fournier helps companies tell their own story by adapting the product most appropriate for each project. At Fournier we strive to offer the highest quality standards in all of our decks. Each Fournier card deck is subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure attention to every detail. With respect to finishes, both for plastic and card stock, we have exclusive service contracts with suppliers that manufacture these materials only for us, following strict material quality specifications. The outstanding quality of the components used in the manufacture of Fournier playing cards means that the most demanding players on the five continents consider us unique in the world. The manufacturing control process guarantees a high standard of quality, higher even than the market standard due to a distinctive manufacturing technique that differs from that used by the rest of competitors.

Types of finish

Types of finish card stock

Card Stock

Special soft fibre card stock, varnished on both sides with a layer of opaque black glue.

Types of finish 100% plastic

100% Plastic

High quality PVC with specific treatment for casinos.

Quality Control


    • Uniformity
    • Colour
    • Opacity
    • Memory
    • Moisture resistance
    • Layer bonding


  • Slide
  • Lifespan


Extremely high quality PVC with specific treatment for casinos.


  • Surface
  • Resistance to bending
  • Deformation test
  • Drying of inks


  • Drying
  • Colour fastness
  • Colour intensity
  • Wear resistance
Quality control no print defects


Quality control perfect cut


Quality control durability


Quality control touch


Universal target

tarjet by sex and age
Universal tarjet

Distinguishing features of playing cards compared to other promotional gift options:

  • Playing cards are a safe investment for campaigns
  • Low customer acquisition costs
  • Long-lasting
  • Highly rated by users
  • Very cost effective
  • Extremely attractive gift for all types of user and in any area of Spain

Fournier should be the only option:

  • Tradition
  • Made in Spain
  • Design Icon
  • Finest Quality
  • Greater prestige for your brand


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