Board Games

Board games help improve the quality of life

Domino Board Games

Playing games, like any other leisure activity, creates significant positive effects on the quality of life.

  • It optimises levels of subjective well-being.
  • It reduces feelings of loneliness.
  • It improves mood and internal motivation.
  • It increases capacity to cope with situations of stress.
  • It boosts perceived social self-efficacy
  • It helps the elderly to adapt to retirement.
  • It broadens levels of life satisfaction

Dices Board Games

The classics

A collection of much loved board games, but in multi-game packs blister packaged with all of the component pieces or without blister packaging.

Chess Board Games

All the possibilities

Fournier has a full range of board games and accessories from the classic domino to accessory pieces sold separately.

Chess Board Games

Fournier Quality

The range includes offerings in fun materials, packaged to meet all the needs of our customers.


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