Our Bee-tek Electronic Shoe, a smart dealing shoe for Baccarat and other games that can read the cards as they are being dealt and determine the winner of the hand, preventing mistakes and cheating. With its patented card reading technology and also its registered PR-X Brake that avoids the dreaded overdraw, accuracy, security and profitability will be a constant with every hand.

The BEE-TEK gives the croupiers confidence when dealing the cards. It also records the cards so that the result is free from error and prevents cheating in the game.

The BEE-TEK has already dealt out 2.5 billion hands with no incorrect readings.

  • Advanced algorithms record the value of each card and the casino identifier.
  • A code printed in invisible ink makes it undetectable to the human eye.
  • Foreign card detection.
  • Fast 250ms reading.
  • More than 2000 units used on the market, 2.5 billion hands dealt with no reading errors.


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