Spanish playing card

The most prestigious selection of Spanish playing card decks

Spanish playing card


The images on our Spanish deck are registered trademarks. A registered trademark that has become an icon of Spanish culture. Our hundred-year-old designs form part of the collective memory with deep-rooted customs that have been passed from generation to generation. A design that forms part of the lives of millions of people during family occasions, free time and large gatherings among friends.

Quality and careful design

Our Spanish card decks are unmistakable. Always made under strict quality control, players have always been faithful to the durability, resistance, touch and slide of our Spanish cards. It is with good reason, they are the best-selling Spanish cards in the world.

Extensive range

When we think of a Spanish deck, the extent of our designs is normally overlooked. With 4 variants in the number of cards (40, 43, 50 and 55 cards), different versions such as Spanish, Catalan and Spanish poker, different sizes of playing card, plus special versions such as Giant, Lilliput and Round. Our range of Spanish cards covers all the possibilities to play any traditional Spanish card game.

Different deck cases

Not only are there different playing card models but the final deck case also varies depending on players’ needs, from plastic cases that protect the deck for longer to the traditional cardboard tuck box or the simple cellophane wrap for quick games, various options for all tastes.

The perfect gift

There is nothing that a player appreciates more than a good game set with all of the components to enjoy great games among friends. For this reason the range of Spanish cards has a series of products based on game sets for different variations. From Mus sets with Amarrakos (counter stones) to complete sets in playing cases made of quality materials with counters and playing felt included.

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