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Naipes Heraclio Fournier, S.A. is a playing card manufacturing company that was founded in 1870. Since then, and after receiving several prizes at Universal Exhibitions, we have become the global standard in playing cards. We continue being the manufacturers of that card deck you have at home. Every aspect of the card deck was created by master craftsmen and artists expert in printing techniques. Even today this is still the case. It is with good reason that most homes have a deck of cards and 95% of these are from Fournier.
In the 90’s, with the goal of becoming the absolute leaders of the board game market, we merged with the USPC to form the company with the best playing cards in the world, with brands such as Bicycle, Fournier, Kem, Bee and Aviator. Since then, our market share accounts for more than 35% of the global playing card market.
Nowadays Fournier is synonymous with quality, service, security and durability and within those parameters we continue working to help bring fun to social gatherings, learning methods to children, security to casinos and renown to companies under the motto “Let’s play together”.

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