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Seeing the past, the present and the future

Fournier Tarot Decks

Since the 14th century, people have used cartomancy to try to predict the future. Tarot cards are not only tools for divination, in many cases the cards themselves are a revelation. True works of art of the occult.

Prestigious tarot decks

Our tarot catalogue includes internationally renowned tarotists such as Maritxu Guler to contemporary illustrators like Ricardo Cavolo. A range of tarot decks for all tastes and trends.

Fournier Tarot Decks

The classics

At Fournier, in addition to classics such as the Tarot de Marseilles or the Spanish Tarot. Two of the best known and internationally used tarot decks.

Fournier Tarot Decks

Special tarot decks

The world of occultism and divination has more than just the classics. Tarot cards have become very specialized in recent years with very personal works being developed by true wizards of illustration. From tarot cards by the genius Luis Royo to renowned fantasy creators such as Anne Stokes or Lisa Parker, our tarot catalogue contains all styles and ranges.


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