Worldwide recognition

Our business extends throughout more than seventy countries where we provide products for demanding consumers and professionals in the most famous casinos. A global brand present from the Monte Carlo Casino of Monaco to South Africa or Venezuela.

Tradition and modernity

Ever since 1870 Fournier has permanently occupied an important place in Spanish culture. Acknowledged for generations as the main printer of playing cards, several years ago the company started to explore other sectors with the aim of providing high quality traditional games. Fournier combines its know-how as a top quality printer with technological renovation, giving rise to unique products that reflect a timeless and unrivalled legacy.

Brand value

Users view our registered trademarks as “a household name in card decks”, over the years the exclusive one hundred-year-old design, which is still used, has become an icon of Spanish culture.

Commitment to quality

Each Fournier product is a labour of love from our master printers and backed by our commitment to quality. Beneath the apparent simplicity of a Fournier playing card lies a complex manufacturing process, ranging from the use its own special 2-layer card stock, together with black glue to ensure opacity, right up to an exclusive secret formula for the varnish and inks. The result, a unique playing card, in its design, glide, durability and texture to make it unequalled at a world level.

Fournier is a guarantee of quality, this being one of the attributes that consumers associate with our products. 90% of our products are manufactured in Legutiano, Alava, following strict safety, security and quality controls and using top quality, recyclable and environmentally friendly raw materials.

Adapted to your needs

Naipes Heraclio Fournier, S.A. annually produces more than 1,600 different references of which over 200 are available in the catalogue. A wide range that covers all possible card games as well as traditional games and gaming accessories.

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