Purple Cow

A modernised view of Board Games

Purple Cow

The Purple Cow is a range designed and developed by The Purple Cow and the artist Inna Semadar, present in 30 countries around the world.

We watch our children grow and try to create something special for them, something that is attractive enough, both inside and out, to get them away from television, video games and mobile phones. It is not an easy task. So we create content to broadens their horizons, feed their curiosity and, most importantly, be fun.

Purple Cow

Attractive designs

Purple Cow creates distinct friendly designs thanks to the work of Inna Semadar. Different materials are used in order to create unique, educational games.

Purple Cow

Affordable prices

But we always remember that parents have tight budgets, so we offer the best product at a more than affordable price.


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You can download and view our range of Purple Cow in PDF format.

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