America’s favourite deck of cards

Bicycle playing cards

The well-earned reputation of Bicycle® playing cards is based on a tradition dating back to 1885 that makes this deck the number 1 brand in perceived quality and brand recognition around half the world.

The playing cards are made using a paper created exclusively in the same company and with a finish known worldwide as Air Cushion Finish™ whose secret recipe makes it the smoothest sliding and easiest shuffled card on the market. All this makes this playing card a desired object, recognized by everyone.

The world’s largest playing card manufacturer

For more than 125 years, The United States Playing Card Company has been leader in production and distribution of premier playing cards under brand names such as BEE®, Bicycle®, KEM® or Aviator®. These brands can be found on the 5 continents, being leaders in USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, China, Japan and the Philippines … not to mention the leading position in the world casino market.

Leaders in the casino market

Since the beginning of the game in professional establishments, The United States Playing Card Company has been known for the excellence of the products to adapt to the needs of the best casinos.

The most sought-after playing cards

Thanks to an exclusive raw material and a very well defined positioning strategy, The United States Playing Card Company brands have a unique personality and high brand recognition, being the only playing card company in the world to manufacture its own paper, obtained through a unique fibre from environmentally friendly American forests. This paper gives the card a durability and slide preferred by the leading experts.

Advanced printing technology and a precision cutting system result in perfection and accurate cutting and consistency to the different production runs. Added to which, strict quality checks throughout the production process ensure each deck is a masterpiece that perfectly combines the craftsmanship and good know-how since 1885 with the latest cutting technology.

Bicycle playing cards

Bicycle playing cards

The widest range of poker cards

The United States Playing Card Company brands are very distinct from each other, covering all kinds of standards both for the professional world and for the magic and collectibles market.

Bicycle playing cards

The widest range of collectable cards

Thousands of people around the world follow the Bicycle® brand, attracted by the customized versions of this legendary brand. So much so that the number of exclusive versions and products increases each day, creating a unique community within the playing card world as well as customized projects from any corner of the world.


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