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Poker Deck Fournier


We do not only live off the Spanish deck, our poker related playing cards are the most internationally widespread of the Fournier decks. Due to their quality and security features, these cards are present in the top gambling halls and casinos on all 5 continents. Without doubt Fournier is the brand most sought-after by poker players worldwide.

Quality and careful design

Our poker decks are recognized all over the world. A distinctive European style of smooth playing card. The first large Fournier factory is featured on the ace of spades, the emblem card of each card manufacturer that is registered as a trademark. The paper, made exclusively for us, is one of Fournier’s unmistakable elements, its feel and strength is among the best on the market according to the most expert players. The varnish is our great secret, the component that gives the deck durability and slide, perhaps our best secret since our poker decks behave wonderfully even with prolonged use. And the cut, always seeking 0 defects to increase security at the gaming tables. All this makes our poker range one of the favourite products for professionals and fans of poker, blackjack, bridge or canasta.

Extensive range

When we think of a French deck, we usually think of spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds but there is so much more. There are different measurements depending on whether it is a poker deck or a bridge deck. The number and size of the pips are adapted to the game characteristics that differ by country and game. And naturally there is our variety of legendary backs that already form part of playing card history in each country.

Different card cases

Not only are there different playing card models but the final deck case also varies depending on players’ needs, from plastic cases that protect the deck for longer to the traditional cardboard tuck box or the simple cellophane wrap for quick games, various options for all tastes. Our recently stylized cases make these jewels a difficult element to copy and improve how the players experience the product. So it is not surprising that they keep a quality Fournier deck close to hand and the cases reflect that.

The perfect gift

There is nothing that a player appreciates more than a good game set with all of the components to enjoy great games among friends. For this reason the range of poker cards has a series of products based on game sets for different variations. From poker sets with game instructions for the uninitiated to poker sets that include gaming chips in playing cases made of quality materials.

Poker Deck Fournier


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