Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to be good neighbors to the communities in which we live and operate. Good neighbors are kind to each other, they care for each other and help each other out, they respect each other’s differences and beliefs, and they’re in it for the long haul. That’s why sustainable profit and corporate social responsibility is very dear to us.We aim to preserve our planet and our company in excellent condition for the generations to come. Long-term strategies for sustainability in its broadest sense are always top of mind.
By bringing magic into people’s lives, we realized that our products and services really make a difference. The COVID-19 pandemic strengthened that belief even further. Our games connect us to people, communities and their environment. We need to take responsibility, in every way we can.

Be relevant to our people

Our people are our most valuable assets. Their well-being and health always come first. COVID-19 made us even more aware of our role to keep our people safe and happy. Cartamundi goes to great lengths in ensuring health and wellbeing for all.

Be relevant to our market and society

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s how much our products actually mean to people. Games have the power to bring people together, regardless of age, gender or religion. For people in isolation, they bring comfort and distraction from daily worries. That’s why we invest in community involvement.

Be sustainable and profitable

We want to show the world that economic, social and ecological profit can grow side-by-side. When we act sustainably, we strengthen our connection to nature and the communities in which we live. As a company, we need to earn our ‘social license to operate’. We want our local communities and other stakeholders to accept us as their neighbor.

Sustainable Partnerships

Cartamundi puts a lot of effort into sustainability initiatives, but we can’t make this journey without the support of our neighbors.
Do you want to join us in our sustainability journey or do you have a question or suggestion, get in touch with our Global CSR Manager An Christiaen.



Our people: our most valuable asset.
We help to protect and nurture our global workforce.



Helping to protect our environment.
The world is our home and we take care of it.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Be relevant to the communities in which
we live and operate.

  • People occupational disabilities relieve us of manual work

    Cartamundi Turnhout collaborates with sheltered workplaces.

  • Investing in a healthy lifestyle for employees.

    COPAG da Amazonia in Brazil offers free healthy snacks and meals.

  • Our ambition? To phase out single-use plastics as much as possible.

    Cartamundi opts for sustainable packaging worldwide.

  • Bicycle: legendary for decades, green for the future.

    Sustainability is the Ace up our sleeve.

  • Why we picked up producing face masks.

    We joined forces with the University of Antwerp to form Medimundi.

  • Distraction, compagnionship and a moment of fun.

    Cartamundi playing cards brighten up daily life for vulnerable groups.

  • Each year we organize various fundraisers to support charities.

    The Charity Committee of Ireland has a heart for children.

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