Remigio, which is currently played throughout Spain, is only one of the many variations of the popular international game Rummy.

Remigio baraja

Aim of the game

To meld the ten cards based on possible hands and then show them before another player can.

Deck of cards

The 52 card Spanish poker deck, plus two jokers, is used.

Number of players

For a game with up to six players, two decks are used and up to nine or ten players, three decks. The game is always played individually.

Order and value of the cards

The order of the cards, from highest to lowest, is: king (K), queen (Q), jack (J), ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, deuce and ace.
The value of cards is their pip values and the figure cards are worth 10 points each. The jokers are used to substitute any other card in a meld and are worth 20 points.

Dealing the cards

Each player draws one card from the pack, the “hand” being whoever draws the highest card. The player to the left of the “hand” deals each player ten cards, one at a time, placing the next card face up on the table next to the stock deck to start the discard pile.
If, after dealing out the cards, it is seen that a player has been given too many or too few cards, then the cards have to be dealt out again correctly.


Each player tries to use their cards to form groups of cards of the same rank or straights of the same suit. For both the groups of equal cards and the straights to be deemed valid, they must be formed by at least three cards. In straights, the ace can be linked with the king (K) and the queen (Q) or with the deuce and three. There are players who also allow the king (K) to be linked sequentially with the ace, deuce, three, etc. So it is a good idea to decide the version to follow before starting the game.
If all ten of a player’s cards are the same suit, then they do not need to form groups of equal cards or straights; This hand is called is called a Flush.
If all of the cards are the same suit and in sequential order, the hand is a Straight Flush. The best possible hand is when all ten cards are of equal rank, this is called Remigio.
All hands can be formed by using the jokers.

Remigio play

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