Sixesis a very simple game that mainly depends on the luck of the deal

Sixes deck

Aim of the game

Be the first to get rid of all cards in your hand.

Deck of cards

It is played with a 40 or 48 card Spanish deck.

Number of players

Because all the cards are dealt out among the players, the number of cards used has to be divisible by the number of players. To make the game fun, it is advisable to play with more than four and less than eight people.

Order and value of the cards

In this game the cards themselves have no order or value. The only thing that matters is their ascending and descending sequential order when making the corresponding straight for each suit.

Dealing the cards

It is not all that important who deals out the cards in the first hand, as the “hand” is the player who holds the six of coins. This will be the person who deals out the cards in the next hand, and in subsequent hands the direction in which the cards are dealt will be counter clockwise.


The player who has the six of coins begins by placing this card face up on the table. The next player has to put down the seven or five of coins, forming a vertical line with the six that is already on the table. If they does not have either of these cards, they can put down another six of a different suit next to the six of coins, the turn then passes to the next player on the right. Therefore, when the next player takes their turn, they can choose to place any card that sequentially links to the same suit as those on the table or put down another six that they may be holding.

In this way, each player tries to get rid of all their cards, being the first to be left with none and by doing so winning the game. Whenever a player cannot put down a card, because the cards they have do not link up with any of those on the table and they do not hold a six, this player puts a token into the pot agreed on before starting the game and the turn passes to the next player.

The first player to discard all of their cards wins the game and takes the pot.

Sixes play

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