What is the golden ratio?

In December 1490, Leonardo da Vinci requested Duke Sforza the presence of Luca Pacioli, famous teacher of mathematics. Thus begins a friendship that, among other things, gives rise to a masterful collaboration to elaborate a treatise on Geometry. In this treatise Luca appears as a mathematician and Leonardo as an illustrator. In this treaty geometric constructions are drawn in search of the perfection of nature. They titled it “The Divine Proportion” and reached conclusions as serious as the concept of the “Golden Section or Golden Ratio”. This concept continues in force in the world of photography or design. Bicycle Aureo®

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Why a deck based on the golden ratio?

In recent times, this idea of ​​proportion in design has become fashionable in arts such as photography, painting or design. All these arts are applicable matter in the world of cards. To this end, we began to work on an attractive and difficult subject to apply to the figures and designs of the cards. After many laps and studies, we ended up finding a design based on the golden ratio. The world of mollusks follows a perfect pattern that follows this geometric proportion. The figure selected to demonstrate this is something that appears in nature in several ways. A shape that could be adapted to the interior of an ace of spades. When we consciously activate a series of geometric proportions called “sacred” in our body, it allows us to connect to the universal field of unified energy that allows us to be part of the global network of consciousness.

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The result is a sample of Renaissance art

This is the basis of our new Bicycle Aureo deck. A concept often used in other fields, but not so much in the world of cards. Of course, the deck is printed on Bicycle® Premium paper and with the classic Air cushion finish® finish. The faces contain unique designs inspired by Renaissance art and the Golden Section. For its part, the case, stamped in gold foil has an intricate design that complies with the theories of the Golden Section applied in nature. What makes it a premium deck for card lovers.

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The result, a precious deck that seeks perfection in its design.