Vitoria, 31 de Marzo de 2020

Beautiful things also come to life in difficult times. Increasingly, people are looking for ways to enjoy time with each other and their families. With the launch of, Cartamundi and Intracto, bring back the joy of playing card games to the world.

With this platform, traditional playing card games from all over the world are brought together. To be discovered and re-discovered. With easy access how-to-play, game rules and even how to play video’s. the ultimate collection of playing card games.

The goal of both companies is simple: “To help people enjoy being together & making the most out of this difficult time.” Because in addition to business as usual, we believe our companies also have a duty towards society.

The message is clear: Stay inside. Stay safe. Stay positive.

Every home has its preferred card game

It has been clear to us from the start, that this project should be available to the entire world, and that the card games included should be relevant to all.

To achieve this, the site will include the most famous games, alongside country or culturally specific card games. Our platform will allow you to discover them all.

Playing cards connect people. And there is a deck of cards in almost every household. Playing games is a perfect way to disconnect from all the news and other media.

“Cartamundi is a global group with a strong local network. The platform is a unique collaboration between all the different Cartamundi companies, to connect people,” says Stefaan Merckx, CEO of Cartamundi. “It is the perfect way to make our purpose ’Sharing the Magic of Playing Together’ tangible.”

More than 75 card games available

Cartamundi is most famous for its brands like Bicycle, Fournier, Ace, Grimaud, and Copag. Insiders of the different markets and experts of various teams have been working together to establish this new platform.

Which games do Brazilians play? How do the Germans play with cards? What is a good game to play alone? will bring all these insights, cultural differences, and of course, “how to play” together, in one easy place

When the platform launches on April 1st, a total of 75 card games will be available. New games will be added regularly. In the spirit of growing a global card game playing community,  we plan, in the coming weeks, the ability for users to add and suggest additional content

The website will be ready on April 1st

Intracto was the perfect partner to build this platform. Intracto CEO Pieter Janssens says: “When we received a call about the project, we were immediately excited. In moments of crisis, a company must look for ways to give back to society. In this way, we help to make this additional “family time” more fun. We are proud to be a part of this project. A big thank you to our team and to the experts of Cartamundi for stepping up and creating this project so quickly.”

About Fournier

Naipes Heraclio Fournier, S.A. is the historic Spanish playing card company born in the year 1870. Since then and several awards in universal exhibitions, it has become the world reference for playing cards. In the 90s, and with the aim of becoming the leaders of the table games market, he joined the USPC with brands such as Bicycle®, Kem®, Bee® or Aviator®. After almost 150, Fournier remains synonymous with quality, service, security and durability for players and casinos around the world.

About Intracto

Intracto is an innovative digital services group in the Benelux with a team of 750 experts specialized in strategy, technology, marketing, content, and creation.  The company has 11 affiliates in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Bringing talent together and looking for solutions with an extreme customer focus is the main aim of Intracto.

Intracto was founded in 2005 and is now the partner for national and international customers such as Knauf Insulation, Akzo Nobel, Canon, Alphabet, Michelin, Brussels Airport, Manna, Quick-Step, Torfs, Media Markt, Kom Op Tegen Kanker, and Volvo.