The Dragon. A mythological being, a legendary creature with magical qualities, who still arouses curiosity, magnetism and attraction.

There are two main traditions about the Dragon. The first in the European tradition, derived from European folk traditions and the mythology of Greece. The second is the Eastern traditions, with a Chinese origin, but also known in Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. Both traditions probably arose independently, but in their development they have influenced each other, also in our concept. While the word also appears in the Christian tradition: The Apocalypse refers to Satan like the great dragon, the ancient serpent.

Bicycle® Dragon - Estuche -naipes
Tuckbox Bicycle® Dragon


Seems like this mithological creature often plays an important role as god or guardian of treasures, or as monster and powerful enemy. Also,, it is credited with positive qualities, such as a great wisdom and knowledge, but also defects, such as insatiable greed which lead to devastate entire populations to pile up huge treasures. It can be a symbol of power, strenght and good luck.

Reverso Estuche Bicycle® Dragon
Tuckbox back Bicycle® Dragon

For all these reasons, the figure of the dragon remains a source of inexhaustible fantasy (“The Hobbit” J.R.R. Tolkien, “Game of Thrones“, role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, tattoos, …)

Therefore, Bicycle Playing Cards bring these legendary creatures from the world of fantasy to your hands with this premium deck.

Bicycle® Dragon - naipes
Bicycle® Dragon – cards

Both card backs and ace of spades are inspired in Dragons. The court cards feature intrincate, unique and exclusive hand-drawing designs.  The deck has been printed in the USA on premium Bicycle® brand cardstock using the classic Air-Cushion Finish® for ease of shuffling and optimum performance.

In short, it is a premium deck of cards that will delight lovers of the genre, as well as a fetish for card collectors, magic enthusiasts and cardistry experts. An exclusive deck of cards with a fantastic design and the highest quality.