Fournier will be the official playing cards provider for the European Poker Tour Season 8.

The cards that Fournier will supply to EPT tournaments will be their 100% PVC range. These playing cards are considered by many to be the finest in the market due the long resistance and durability, easy shuffling and unmatchable snap.

As Javier Berasategui, Export Director of Fournier Playing Cards states, “Poker is a game that puts playing cards under great stress. Cards are folded hundreds of times and players take their resistance to the limit when trying to sneak a peep. Fournier 100% Plastic cards stay flat, clean and crispy after hundreds of shuffles and deals”.

On the other hand although European Poker Tour needs no presentation some facts are worth to be mentioned. EPT Season 7 was a huge success with many events enjoying bigger fields than ever before. The season’s showpiece tournament – the €10,000 EPT Grand Final in Madrid – attracted 686 players with a prize pool of €6,860,000. The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure was the richest tournament ever held outside of Las Vegas – a record-breaking 1,560 entrants creating a $15 million prize pool paid out to 232 players. The EPT San Remo event in Italy drew 987 players while EPT London attracted its biggest ever field with 848 players and a £4.1 million prize pool. EPT Barcelona also smashed records with 758 players turning up to the Catalan capital. The total prize pool for EPT Season 7 was more than €50 million created by nearly 9,000 Main Event players.

EPT Season 8 will feature tournaments right across Europe as well as spectacular “Festivals of Poker” such as EPT London, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and the EPT Grand Final.