Summer holidays are also a perfect moment to be bored

It’s time for vacations and many times parents do not know what to do with our daughters and sons. Classes end and there are many free hours in which children are often accompanied by relatives and grandparents. Sometimes they get bored, which is not so bad. Boredom and doing nothing sometimes helps increase creativity.

Programming activities as if it were the school time

Activities are scheduled, but there are always moments when family members run out of ideas. They take them to the pool, to camps and to a lot of activities, but we do not usually realize that these are not quality moments with grandparents. Grandparents are people who can teach us many things. Grandparents often sit while watching the kids play, but why not make them take advantage of that situation and play with our children?

Activities that improve quality time between grandparents and grandchildren.

Simple games and activities such as taking walks, telling stories or doing homework together can make the ties between grandchildren and grandparents / grandparents more productive for both. Children can learn from grandparents history, customs, games, but at the same time grandparents can also learn from small computer skills, music …


5 Recommended products to increase the quality time of grandparents with children


1.- 20 things to do with your grandparents

It is a wonderful gift for grandparents. With these 20 chips grandparents can enjoy with their grandchildren through activities that help improve fraternal bonds between the elderly and the little ones through small exercises that will help children learn the history and customs of their grandparents, but also to the grandparents learn from their own grandchildren.


2.- Traditional magnetic games To GO.

A series of various magnetic games to take anywhere, from the pool or the beach to the park. They fit in your pocket and with them you can play with your grandchildren to games that you already know as Bingo, the magic word or the naval battle.


3.- My first Spanish Deck – teach your grandchildren how to play cards.

A deck of cards based on the Spanish deck but adapted for children through the wonderful design of Stocklina. In addition, this deck is the pear because it comes with instructions for traditional children’s games sorted by age. So that the little ones learn to play the donkey, the clock, the sixes and the cinquillo until the brisca.


4.- The Crazy Scientist – activities for grandparents and children scientists.

It is a collection of 20 scientific activities for children aged 6 and up. Each transportable box to any place contains 20 scientific experiments that you will be able to carry out with elements of the daily life and that you will not be able to find at home. An incredible tool to awaken the passion for science in the little ones. And surely the grandparents also learn something new.


5.- Families of 7 cultures.

The review of our classic deck of Families of 7 countries illustrated by Tutti Confetti. There is no grandfather or father who has not played the card game of the families. A classic deck of childhood that has now been revitalized thanks to the designs of the great illustrator Tutti Confetti. Do you remember the Bantu grandfather, or the Eskimo grandmother? Well this is your deck, although you can always count on the original.