From time to time, the world of playing cards undergoes a revolution in its uses. And it is that the cards do not only live from gaming, casinos … There are many more uses (magicians…). But lately, a young, urban trend asks for special designs on cards for the world of Cardistry. That is why Bicycle Neon was born.

The word “cardistry” is the union of “card” and “artistry” (which refers to the artistic ability). Or what is the same, “the art of the card”. So Cardistry is the artistic ability with the cards, or what we know as flourishing or manipulation with cards.

Since there is magic, there is Cardistry. Perhaps the most adjusted in the world of magic is “manipulation”. All the card workers make some frills with their cards. However, a few years ago, in Asia, the level of difficulty began to increase and the discipline separated a little from the magic world, giving it an “artistic vision” that implied its own category.

How do I start in the world of cardistry?

The world of cardistry is huge and constantly growing. There are already events such as Cardistry-Con in Europe. An itinerant annual event that concentrates cardistrians from all around the world. Although there is no fixed rule, it is advisable to start with easy cuts that you like to get an extra motivation that drives you to move forward in more difficult movements or even create your own tricks. Today there are many tutorials on the internet about the types of movements there are so that you can gradually start practicing them.

How do the cardistry decks look like?

At the beginning, you can use any deck to practise cardistry, although you usually like to do it with decks with special and rich designs. But the more you learn, the more interesting it gets if you use a deck specially designed to create visual effects. In this way, a good design is the one that adapts to any type of movements and tricks.

Bicycle Neon, new times, new challenges

Our new Bicycle Neon deck is specifically designed for cardistrians. It does not have faces and backs, nor pips like the rest of decks. The design is created to perform visual effects with each different movement. Together with the designer Kike Sainz and IED, we made this design to be manufactured at our USPC facilities in Erlangen, Ohio.

It features the classic Air Cushion Finish® of Bicycle brand which gives the best possible shuffling. In addition, it is packaged with a geometric and clean design. The case, a jewel, is printed with embossing elements.

New time, new challenges. Do you dare to try? You can buy this deck here.