Fournier Kids, a natural evolution of our children playing cards.

Fournier kids give an answer to the need to communicate better with children. As a playing card company, we’ve been always creating children’s decks for the little ones. Many of these decks have become classics of our culture. Others are based on TV series from our childhood. And now we have playing cards based children’s series that our children will remember in the future. After a long time thinking about how to transfer our values ​​to current children, we have defined a proper brand for them. We are still Fournier, but from now on our children’s products will go under this brand. The objective is to share with them the values of our games. That’s why we have created a playful, colorful and attractive logo to apply to our entire range of children cards and games. The motto is the same one that resides in our brand “Let’s play together”.

A logo based on communication

The Fournier Kids logo is inspired by the language of gaming, in the verbal interaction between friends and family when playing with our cards. That is why it is placed on a speech bubble. We’ve tried to transfer to the brand that communication that we like to keep with our sons and daughters when we play cards with the family. Great moments in which, in addition to having fun, we communicate with them and strengthen family ties.

Logo Fournier Kids


Playing cards, childhood and cognitive and social development desarrollo cognitivo y social

Many studies show playing time with children is a valuable time to communicate with them. Playing is such an essential activity for the lives of children and girls that even, through different games, you can detect and prevent situations that put your physical and emotional integrity at risk. Likewise, many studies show that children sometimes do not have the ability to express an idea. Therefore, card games can be used by parents, educators and caregivers to identify and prevent situations that endanger the cognitive or social development of children. Communication is essential in the game and we want families to communicate through the game.

Different applications

For now, the Fournier Kids logo will be printed on all our children’s products. But we do not rule out applying it in a possible merchandising. In addition, we have created a small animation that will accompany the videos that we will create about children’s games. We hope you like it as much as we do.