Fournier Playing Cards is celebrating in 2020 their 150th anniversary. 150 years offering the playing cards that have become for many the golden standard for durability and resistance. These attributes are specially valued by poker players who stretch cards to their limit in order to sneak a peek.

2020 will also be special for Fournier and also poker players because the company will team up with Pokerstars for all events of the European Poker Tour, one of the most renowned circuits in the poker scene around the world.

Sochi, Montecarlo, Barcelona and Prague plus EPT Opens and Megastacks events will count with Fournier 100% Plastic playing cards on their tables.

For Javier Berasategui, Managing Director of the Spanish firm, “this is a great opportunity to offer the Fournier experience to the more than 12,000 poker players that play in EPT events per year. Pokerstars and European Poker Tour have a long tradition and popularity among poker pros and aficionados so it is for us a much desired alliance”.

Since being established in 2004, as part of the global booming of Texas Hold’em Poker, European Poker Tour has attracted countless players and huge audiences. In 2019 each event averaged 2,100 players, 1,406,115 viewers per day and a prize pool of 21,600,000 $US.